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What is UberQuest?

UberQuest is a weekly web-comic/graphic novel that takes place in a mystical realm known as Evyr. Inhabited by three races called Fera,Dahaki and Avions, along with various other creatures,monsters and humanoids.

The story follows six protagonists, Sesame – a feisty rookie warrior, Kibbles a mage in training, Claire an inventor from another time-period that crash lands in Evyr, Farron a con-artist and traveling merchant, Mason a wary shy blacksmith and Kylar a high-ranking ranger.They find themselves on a brink of a war, strange occurrences and terroristic attacks have been more frequent. They will soon find the clues to an ancient mystery that threatens to destroy the world they know.

How often do you update?

We used to be able to update twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. However, life has gotten more hectic and pages far more detailed. We generally have 1 page out each week, equating to 4 pages monthly – but sometimes 5 depending on our schedule/buffer. Any hiatuses are usually announced.

What genre is UberQuest?

It’s is a Sci-Fi,Fantasy Adventure comic, but there are heavy themes of drama,action and romance as well. We like to say the comic has a bit of everything, but it’s main focus is adventure.

What is the rating for this comic? I’ve seen some partial nudity! Is this gonna get too adult?

UberQuest is probably a PG-13 to R-ish rating. There is brief hints of nudity (no privates shown). There can be graphic violence, sexual language/subjects and some heavy adult themes such as war,grief,abuse,childhood trauma – ect. It is NOT a porn comic, nor will ever be. It is an “adult” story but I think most teenagers can handle what’s in it. Not so great for children though!

What are ‘Ubers’? Why are they questing for them?

Unfortunately, not a taxi service.. someone beat us to it.To roughly explain, artifacts from long ago with mystical powers and information. You’ll just have to keep reading to find out more~!

Why furries? Animal people are just plain weird ! I’m not into that yiffing sort of thing.

Lots of reasons! Fantasy are a dime a dozen and often feature your common array of characters. Elves,orcs, goblins, dwarves.. your run of the mill humans – ect. We wanted to stand out! Although, We hope you can enjoy the comic regardless of it having anthropomorphic “furry” characters. Our goal is to make a great comic with a gripping story, not to make a comic focusing on the fact they’re “furries”.
Here’s a few reasons why..

1) Animals are more interesting and expressive, drawing “furries” gives so much more variety. They are also very cute (bias we know!).

2) Animals can represent certain traits that fit the characters better. Farron being a pack-rat, Claire being eccentric and hyper (which Fennec Foxes are), Sesame being temperamental like most cats.. ect.

3) Furries are generally more fun and easier to draw then humans. However, we do try to make our characters act and behave near identical to humans, including lingo. Nobody has “kits” or “yiffs” to make them – ect.

4) Technically, they’re all aliens. This is not earth, so it’s origin of species is different then our own.. but it draws parrallels. All creatures in the comic would be considered aliens to us, not alternate evolutionary path of humans/earth animals.

When does UberQuest take place? Medieval times right?

UberQuest has it’s own unique timeline. There are medieval elements such as royalty,castles,knights -ect. However, the world’s technologically speaking is around the advancement of late 1800s, early 1900s. Steampunk is a big part of the world of Evyr, some places are more rural then others – so less tech is there too. Universities, medical science, flying ships and industrialization is beginning to happen. Claire’s timeline is much more scientifically advanced with spaceships and advanced AI..ect.

What are the races in UberQuest?

Fera – Anthropomorphic land mammals, are known to be highly adaptive. Some can be born with extraordinary mutations, “powers” like super strength or speed. The most widespread and main race of the story. They rule most of the Kingdoms in Evyr, having pushed the other races to the sidelines in their conquest. They have a wide array of genetic diversity, more then any other race.

Dahaki – Dragon-like people native to the desert lands of Taequis, they are generally smaller then Fera. They live upwards of 200 years regularly, are highly intelligent but breed slowly. Females outnumber males 3 to 1. A highly rare phenomon allows Dahaki to grow to feral like dragons after entering a pupae state,these are usually guardians of their territory/leaders. Dahaki worship gold, as many are merchants or inventors. They are the most technologically advanced race. Despite this,they still live in a cut-throat almost barbaric society where only the strongest,toughest and most intelligent Dahaki survive.

Avions – A gigantic bird race that inhabit floating isles of Hazarath and Glynnmore. They are attuned with nature and wildlife, generally keeping to their own, as community is central to their culture. Avions like to remain peaceful but can become quite tenacious in battle. However, recent onslaught of Fera and Dahaki encroachment on their lands has driven their tribes further into the recesses of the forests. Avions came up with druidism that has been adapted by some Fera. It is believed they’re the oldest race on Evyr.

Does UberQuest take place in a Video-Game? There are so many game-refrences/tropes!

The world of Evyr is an interesting place which much of the laws of life abide by RPG standards, although many jokes and tropes abound – the inhabitants are not avatars and the world does not take place in a video game. Generally, if something is game-related in the story it’s an easter-egg type of homage.

Why is the story so slow? There are so many characters to keep up with! The pacing is weird.

We always try our best to keep the story interesting from page to page. Pacing can be literal hell when you update only once a week.We try to make sure not to overload readers or draw things out too much. While yes, there is alot of characters and details – it’s meant to be an epic story. We’re still learning and trying our best.

How old are the characters in the comic?

Nearly all characters, save for a few children, are adults in this story. Though technically some are “adults” but still teenagers, i.e. Kibbles is 18 years old.
You can check our Cast page for more information on the characters!

How do Fera breed if they’re all different animals? Can Fera breed with Dahaki or Avions?

All Fera regardless of their “animal” are the same species, it’s merely asthetics or “race”. They can be any type of land-mammal, with apex predators considering themselves the most “superior” to prey like Fera. So a dog fera can breed with a cat fera, they will resemble one of their parents or be a sort of hybrid.

Dahaki and Avions are separate species to Fera, therefore none of them can interbreed. Dahaki can only breed with other Dahaki, same goes for Avions. They also reproduce differently.. with Dahaki having pouches like marsupials and Avions laying eggs. Fera have normal human-like pregnancies. However this doesn’t mean they cannot have inter-species sexual relations,it’s not uncommon – but is frowned upon in some regions.

How do “Special Powers” work in UberQuest? What determines what?

Special powers – like Super Speed,Super Strength,Wielding Magic – ect are a recessive gene. Usually skipping a generation, most Fera do not have special abilities, having only about 20% of the population with these abilities. They are highly valued and Fera have tried breeding the powers by having two magic-wielding parents.. ect. Usually, however this method produces sterile children or children with weakened powers to that of their parents. Fera’s without powers can use potions, armor or weapons to become more powerful. Most super-powers have various drawbacks and are connected to certain diseases. Powers can also be stronger or weaker against various types.

Dahaki do not have magical abilities, but specialize in anti-magic warfare, having mechanical sentinels and basilisks to due the brunt of their work. They are notoriously difficult to kill due to their scales having metallic compounds due to their diets.

Avions have a special connection with wildlife and nature, can effectively fly unlike winged Fera or Dahaki. They’re much larger and more of a threat in raw power alone in comparison. Even though they are less technologically advanced,they can control the battlefield and elements.

Why is religion so backwards in the story? There is alot of LGBT hate and civil rights problem in the story, what gives?

Not ALL religions in Evyr are cruel or violent, only certain sects.It’s never meant to be presented as a “good” thing in the comic,people being stuck in their ways, misguided and bigoted. The story in UberQuest does have alot to do with civil-rights being brought to the world of Evyr and the challenges the minorities have to go through. Along with how easily people can be mislead in faith and those in power. It’s a commentary on some real world issues real people still face.

Can I have my OC in the comic?

No, there are many legal and logistical reasons not to do this. We do sometimes offer cameos on occassion, but establishing your OC in the world isn’t gonna happen.

I don’t like “X Ship” can you make it “Y Ship” ?? Can I draw fanart or fanfics?

No. However, we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE fan work! Feel free to make all the fanart,fanfics, fan-theories,videos or reviews you like though!
We encourage artistic freedom in anyway you chose, draw those crack ships!

Can you translate UberQuest into “insert language” ? Is there any official translations to other languages? Can I make one?

Unfortunately the only language we know is English, we welcome and encourage translations! We believe there is partial translations in French and Spanish.. I think on Deviantart but you may have to search around.

How can I help with UberQuest?

We appreciate all of our readers, just noticing us is an honor itself! You can spread the word about the comic on social media,forums,image boards – ect. Leaving comments and critiques is also very useful! If you really love our stuff, please consider donating to our Patreon! We do this as a living, so every bit helps us get by and continue making great content!

About the Creators

Skidd and Phuufy are a married duo who began UberQuest in February of 2014. They work on art and comics full time!

Skidd A.K.A. Michael Corbett is a self-taught artist who has been drawing since 1988 and been a self-employed artist since 2011. Acts as primary artist of the comic and secondary writer/editor.

Phuufy A.K.A. Jessica Corbett is a self-taught artist who has been drawing since 1998 and acts as primary writer/colorist/editor for the comic.