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Honestly don’t know if I should fear more for Mason or Farron. : /

After that “magic boobs girl” remark? I’d say Farron. O_O

To be honest I’m surprised they’ve not been mentioned/referred to more often.

As a throwaway gag boob jokes can be funny, but they get stale pretty quickly if over-used (seriously, *every* webcomic/TV show/film has done it at some point). Teh Phuufs has stated that they wanted to move the comic in a more serious direction; for example, the “-150 HP” gag from the tavern hasn’t been repeated, and in fact lead to a homicide with real-world implications.

Exactly. One of the many reasons I have stuck with Uberquest is that sensibility. There are too many comics out there that sacrifice personality and character development in favour of huge breasts and this strip doesn’t. All credit to it.

Faron… ya dun goofed.

how the blood soaked protestant hell did ya do that?

And I was in the last stages of UberQuest withdrawal. So I REALLY needed this.

Farron, buddy: You’re about to be in a world of pain. She brings the thunder AND the lightning! (Thor from SMITE)

Think about this for a moment: if it wasn’t for Claire’s wacky dollar prank, the group’s interaction with Farron would have ended back in the forest.

This is Farron, right?
This is the guy who killed that wyrm after the wyrm dropped Sesame and stood against Claire’s and Kibble’s best?
Wouldn’t that mean Farron can take out Sesame, Kibbles, and Claire?
And Mason wouldn’t be much bother at all.

I’d actually wonder if Sesame has thought this thru.
True, Farron is under a time limit, but Sesame doesn’t know that.

Oh, she is saying “WHAT”, not “WHO”. So she doesn’t have any idea it’s Farron.
What the amount of information she has, no more thinking is needed.

the difference between now and before is that Sesame was badly hurt

AFTER fighting the wyrm, she was badly hurt. When she first entered that fight, she was in full health and confident (over?) due to magical and other ranged backup.

Farron could not remember Kibbles’ name. Only that she can cast magic spells, and… well… cast “physical” spells. She did it to Mason too. Kibbles, you sly dog, you.

Wait! Oh, no! I think I’m under the same spell. *checks self* Yep, Kibbles got me. I’m hooked.