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So the padlock on his bag is a shadow monster thing?

I believe his bag is the shadow monster thing.

No, I think the lock on his bag is the shadow dragon. No wonder Farron said if you don’t know how to unlock the lock you will regret it. So he is going to let it know that the ones firing arrows need to be told to take that vacation that they always wanted to take, if they don’t go, well they will be a nice tasty meal. Sweet herm-mother of all things furry!

Wait; is the whole bag a monster or just the lock?

I have a sudden urge to know more about Farron’s past.

How much control does he have over his bag shadow dragon? It’s not going to attack Sesame first is it? Does it contain the dragon, or become the dragon? Conjecture, based on the keyhole appearing on the forehead, I’m going with the latter.

Also, Uber protects from arrows, and the look on Sesame’s face mirrors every reader in the last panel.

I wonder how Farron came across such a thing, seems like something he would have to give an arm or leg for, or at least….an eye.

Also I wonder if he had to use that thing before to save the girls back when they first met, in which case Kibbles and Claire would have already seen it.

“You’ll get to see CANADA?”

Ah yes. Good old memories. What did I say back on the old comic? Oh yes.

There’s ALWAYS a Canada! XD

Soon – REAL soon the old comic is going to run out and I’ll FINALLY won’t have a clue what’s happening in the next page! 😀