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oh wow….Kylar man, for Marylyn’s sake I do hope you broke it off with her and your parents just don’t know, that would be…pretty awful to lead her on just to maintain a facade…for what would be have to be quite a number of years now?

judging by how evasive he is about Marylyn in general i think it’s safe to assume that they split, but that he just hasn’t told his parents about it to not dissapoint them. That is the face of absolute fear, not guilt.

I’m going to say that Kylar and Marylyn are still married but that because of Kylar’s job isn’t around a lot of the time or more likely it’s the other way around, he’s not around and uses this job as an excuse to not go to Marylyn because he likes guys. That being said, the era this comic is based on… it wouldn’t surprise me if they were still married but mostly because socially it would be awkward to get a divorce and would stain Marylyn’s reputation.