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it would be interesting to know how many Uber’s there are. I wonder… does she only need five more stones to complete the Uber Gauntlet?

Also… you have achieved the second Uber, your main quest has been updated.

Also… Uber was spilling a lot of beans there, sad that the hooded figure was cut off… prepare to defend yourselves.

What makes you think the stone is an uber? We know Sesame’s scarf is an Uber, but we’ve seen or heard nothing that tells me the stone is an Uber.

Although, now you mention it, it would make sense, given its apparent power, for it to be an Uber, or, at least, given how it reacted to the presenc of Sesame’s Uber, something meant to work with an Uber.

Yep, the force awakens references are strong with this comic (but that’s not a bad thing) the moment with stone makes me think of the moment Rey grabbed the lightsaber with the force……God I love that scene, and I can’t wait to see where things go for sesame and the daughter of Luke Skywalker.

I have to say, it’s always annoying with all the fan theories who think they know JUST what the new characters are all about. Abrams & company does this on purpose, they WANT you people to make up all these convoluted and silly theories in order to keep you from digging up and leaking anything that’s ACTUALLY true from the scripts lore databases yet to be revealed.

Interesting that it attached to Sesame’s arm… could it be the Ubers have “chosen” Sesame?

That gauntlet and the figures remind me a lot of Onimusha.

It is a nod to that game, twas Skidd’s idea~!

Excellent games, although the last one kind of sucked. The third was the best

I hope you’re not saying that Dawn of Dreams sucks. Demon Siege was really great, yeah, but the best? I would dispute that Dawn of Dreams was equal at least.

I admit that I might be biased due to playing Dawn of Dreams first, but to me, the game felt… more complete? That’s a bad way to say it. I like it more than Demon Siege in a weird way. Lemme run down my reasons…

Having more characters to pick from didn’t end up mattering in combat since you can just critical chain everything due to critical chains being so easy in Dawn of Dreams. In Demon Siege, it was easy to not even realize critical chains were a thing and consistently pulling them off was very difficult without spending a ton of time practicing them. But Dawn of Dreams went too far the other way, and critical chains were the go-to answer for most encounters, downplaying the differences of the characters. It’s a toss-up.

Also the big club for Gacha makes way more sense than the ball and chain ever did. There, I said it.

The story in Dawn of Dreams was a bit meh compared to Demon Siege, I will agree there. The only gripe I have with Demon Siege is that the time travelling felt really out of place to me, it just seemed like a way to shoehorn modern characters into the setting. But in the end it’s a minor one, because it lets you have much more relatable characters in the process.

The opening cinematic was amazing, and it’s probably telling that it took me a minute to remember the opening movie of Dawn of Dreams.

Dawn of Dreams, in my opinion, had superior game feel, however. For example, having a team of allies to speak to in between missions, and to see that team grow and shrink based on recent events in the story made it feel so real to me in a way that Demon Siege didn’t. Another one is getting to see Samanoske however many years down the road, especially since the game doesn’t spell it out for you right away that Tenkai is actually Samanoske. The general art direction of Dawn of Dreams also appealed to me more.

In the end, Demon Siege is still an objectively better game, but Dawn of Dreams is definitely far from awful.

…It had better puzzle boxes.

I wonder if Claire could eventually solve the static sentences from the holographic’s messages? I would like to know more about it!

some of it can kinda me made out by context… the words in brackets are my guesses, the ones that are just [??] o had no clue.

Forging the Ubers was not without [consequence?]. their power source [also?] fuel [the same] [??] which caused the [catastrophe?] in carthull. Capable of [seeing?] worlds [beyond] our own.
It [called] [Chaos], a [tear?]. This [rift] – it [threatened] to [??] we knew and held [??] [??] asunder.
the ubers can only halt this [cataclysm] [temporarily], they will find it – they know. we are doomed to [repeat?] our [mistakes] [once more]
the capacity for [destruction?] must be removed – if we can [return it?] [from] [whence] it came, between [realities?]. if Evyr is to be [truely?] safe [evermore?]

If I didn’t know any better, I suspect that the red Uber Scarf somehow used some of it’s fabric to merge the eye with it and transform it into a metal gauntlet. If my suspicion is correct, the Uber scarf has some kind of ability of expanding these Uber artifacts.

And…Farron just lost his only chance at a good life.

Holy cow!! This story gets so better every time I read it, Teh Puffs, Skidd you should write stories for the movies, you have one hell of a terrific imagination, I think George Lucas would be proud to have you both as script writers.

Anyone who made a Star wars joke is a Grade A nimrod and an Asshole.

You prevented Sexy art from being created.

It doesn’t matter who it’s of, really, As long as it’s art by this artist. and *YOU* Prevented it. Why would you? What is wrong with you? Are you some Waifu-Yandere Or Sadist?