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Okay…is anyone else concerned about that Last Panel there about him not recalling Kylar’s name? I can’t tell if he’s feigning ignorance or if he actually has no idea who he is? If I were a betting man, I’m under the opinion that the Prince intentionally set Kylar out on a wild hunt just to lure him away from the king and disrupt his activities while discrediting him (Kylar).

On a more serious note, while the King and Prince clearly have some sharp differences when it comes to handling the kingdom’s affairs (The Prince is one to talk considering he doesn’t know all the dealings and issues with everything going on.), they do share some common traits of using harsh rhetoric and harsh demeanor.

The princess is really cute 😮 I hope she falls in love with Farron xD

Hah! He’s way… way WAY out of her league. She’s only fifteen – but probably already in an arranged marriage. Guess a guy can dream tho…

Her being younger only makes it more likely she would fall for the shady bad boy like Farron when she has only ever met really boring noble boys, and a little princess girl liking Faron sounds pretty funny and likely to cause him problems lol.