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AH! So that’s how it all works. I just naturally assumed that upon the King’s death the Prince would inherit the throne because he’s a man. Is this going to be the first instance in which a woman rules over a kingdom in Evyr?

If I may offer a theory… Prince Drayven not only knows about Kylar and Joel but perhaps also has feelings for Joel as well? I know I’m not the first to have this theory, but isn’t it possible that he is in cahoots with the organization that’s after Winsley, and sent Kylar off on a wild goose chase in an attempt to get rid of him so he can have Joel to himself? The flaws in my plan is I can’t see Drayven doing that, as I don’t think he’s a villain and entering in to that kind of relationship would be counter-productive as he couldn’t produce an heir and given the stance on such relationships in this universe. Then again he could always marry a Lady Noble of some standing and have Joel on the side in secret. The other theory is that he’s willing to be an ally to Kylar and Joel after he ascends to the throne, given the sweet deal he offered Kylar several pages back… There are endless possibilities but I am content to just wait and see. That’s what I love about this comic, it gets the wheels turning in my head!

I agree with your part about Drayven being in cahoots with Winsley’s gang and possibly Winsley himself.
Maybe Drayven made a deal with Winsley to allow him to marry Kibbles? Her family background is kind of foggy but I could only assume she’s from a rich family to be able to afford a mentor like Winsley, whom is a grand mage.

Oh yes you do listen don’t you Drayven, that is why you sent Kylar after your spouse to be hmm? It would be a shame if that didn’t work out and you had to make another arrangement…can you kill your own mother too Drayven?