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What’s going on?! Also, did it pull in your uber first? You see a lot of white paw in the final panel.

The Uber is on her other arm.

Yes, I agree that it is on her right arm. But, observe. In panels three and five, she seems to have the uber covering all of her arms’ white sleeve fur. In panel six, her white fur on her right arm is clearly visible. Either it scooted down a little. (maybe as she changed position?) Or it wasn’t drawn in.

Thus my theory that it was sucked into the portal first.

Nope, if you look at panel three the arm that is on the ground has the Uber. In panel five, her hand is sticking out of the Uber, since it covers her arm and not the hand. In panel six her body is blocking the view of the arm with the Uber.

Oh dear. Has the temporal and/or relocation finally caught up with Claire? Has she become the point of some kind of strange rubber band between her world and theirs? Or is it possible that something more sinister is going on? Has someone created a singularity of some sort at the entrance of the cave? Perhaps its all just a dream sequence! I suppose the only thing that will answer our questions is more pages.