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No, I forbid it, Kibbles has laid claim to the Elk man. This is a no kitty zone.

Claire, you’re home. Go drunk.

While I find the drunken dyslexia funny, Claire has kinda been trying to go home, back to the future. XD

Claire’s top appears to be losing material at an astonishing rate.

…What? I had to focus on -something- other than her horrible innuendos.

Alright, Sesame has some competition now. Clarie and Kibble are in it for Mason. Who will win? Seseme, Kibbles, or Clarie? Also, I feel bad for Mason since he is caught in the middle between the three yet at the same time, I don’t because of his cluelessness. Plus, hes lucky that Sesame will always have his back. What you guys think?