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Eeeeeeee yaoi! <3

that tears it!!! *whistle and instantly a huge army ready to shoot appered* you remove that evil image or else!!!


get a army of spartans armed with every UNSC weapons and get afew mechs heavily armed

aye captian!!!!! wait, should I rouse the dragons too??

All. I wanted to address something here that has been going on for some time now. As some of you may know, comments sections are not available on all comics, some have elected to have them, others haven’t, both are perfectly acceptable and I’m sure everyone has their reasons for going one way or the other.

I have chosen to keep comments open on Swashbuckled, This is a decision I made with my two partners RubyluvCow and MasterGodai. I like having comments open because I like seeing everyone’s thoughts and getting feedback on the pages we post. The feedback helps to improve the comic, and make it a better, more engaging experience for both myself as a writer and you guys as fans.

I am however coming to you with a request here and now, please try to keep the comments on pages relevant to the topic at hand. While I certainly don’t mind a little joke here and there, there’s been a lot of pages where the comments section go very off-topic or turn into RPs. RP is great, and for those who enjoy it, I encourage you to use it as a way to express yourself creatively. However, there is a time and a place for it, and I can tell you one of those places for it is not the comments section of Swashbuckled.

So I ask you all, please try to stay on-topic. I really enjoy your feedback, however if the comments continue to go off track as they are, I may have to re-think keeping this section open for Swashbuckled. Thank you all for your understanding, and please, do not take offense to this post. It’s something that has been going on for several months and we all felt needed to finally be addressed. Thank you.

i still think this page should be removed for there are afew things i hate and the tops ones are yaoi and people who rape

Bladra you must understand the creators of the comic have their rights to present what they see fit,
just because this particular non canon page is up does not mean we can “demand” to have it removed n such as the same way we like the yuri non canon pics the same is applied to the yaoi non canon pics that both fans enjoy, please understand this same goes for all the fans here who read this comic and the like, (no im no one of authority here just another fan but I enjoy leaving comments relevant to stories)

How did the shopkeep mistake Sesame for a man at the beginning? I’m guessing this is much deeper than he sold his eye for a quick buck.

She usually wheres a wrap around her breasts, to keep them from hindering her in a fight. Shes not wearing the wrap for bathing though.

Jeeze….Didnt think he would actually be MISSING his eye…Thought it was one of those “Im blind, and that eye has a cut, so I keep it covered” things… Kinda glad it isnt, epic work on that socket.

Wait, why did he put his clothes back on without drying off first? Does he not have room for a towel or two in his 300 lb traveling pack? Given that he seems to live “on the road” I can’t imagine him overlooking basic necessities like that. O_o

I’ve only been following your stuff for a year now and its been really cool reading your comics (CBlue & Paprika) and keeping up with your DA page. You’ve been an inspiration to me and a guide for how I make art today. Thank you and have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I cant wait to see what you do next with your art.

Merry Christmas, Nekonny! I have enjoyed your comics, first with CBlue where Nekonny (character), Yuki and Tina met Kia and had in the filler strip where Nekonny (character) got turned into Nekonny-chan, and have enjoyed Paprika since its start. Keep up the great drawing. Also thanks again for sending the replacement CBlue volume 3 book when the monster known as U.S.Mail ate the first one.

Hey new to the comic but love it so far. I found it when reading twokinds which is also a great comic. No, I’m not the owner of it I just think that if there is a great piece of work out there then people should know, which is why I’m going to start telling people about this comic as well. keep up the great work!