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I’m even more confused now. So is Claire in the past, another dimension, or another planet? O.o

As stated on page 18.. she went through time and space. So she is from the future and grew up on a space-colony. She is however, a Fera.. so she is the same race/species as the main cast.

5 days… Impressive kick Sesames got there.
Oh btw should Claire get kicked out for yelling?

Hey, how many libraries would kick out someone who is eager to learn, no matter how noisy they are?

All in my town.

I’d move.

(That’s really mean, you don’t have to move.)

Okay I really love Claire and I get it that she’s smart, but how on Earth(Evyr) can she tell where they WERE, in WITCH direction did Proto fly off to and just tell HOW far the pod actually is? 😀
Seriously if I were dropped off at a random place in my home country and I was given a simple map I wouldn’t know where to pint my finger at random even if I were to narrow down the place by mountains, plains and the such.

Okay maybe Sesame and the others told her where they are and in what direction did the pod fly, but without a compass and recognizable landmarks I just can’t figure out how she does it.

BTW I was always wondering why are fantasy worlds always split up into only a handful of countries. Sure it’s hard enough to invent and keep a single country in mind, but then again back in ancient times there were a lot of huge empires besides small city states so maybe there’s a more complex reason for that? 🙂

Claire is REALLY smart..when she wants to be. Kibbles told her way back when that they were in the salt flats, plus they were on the edge of a really large forest which they ended up walking through..stopped by a river, and then finally made it to town. So I imagine Claire charted in her head where they were as they headed back to town.. and finally being able to see a map she is just estimating where they were and where the pod landed.. she could be 100% wrong.. but who knows?

to add to what Skiddog says…

remember right after Sesame’s kick, Claire finds out immediately where she is from Kibbles. It wouldn’t take long to figure which way was north, south, or whatever and Claire would still know which direction the pod went.

what gets me is Clair seems to know how far the pod went and I truly have no idea how she figured that out.

you’re basing your fantasy worlds on earth’s history, when most people barely knew what was over the next horizon. This is not earth. This is a planet where folks tend to travel a lot and where there are a bunch of folks who collect knowledge for the sake of it (called wizards).

It’s also part of the plot that Claire is THIS smart… LOL.

Also note Kibbles finally mentions her mentor.

She is making a rough estimate, she doesn’t know ‘exactly’ where it landed, just a rough estimate. Thus her assumption it is that far away could be off by quite a bit. I always pictured Claire having a mind that goes 90 thinking about all sorts of things. She clearly isn’t so brilliant that she doesn’t ever make mistakes on calculations, such as calibrating her teleporter incorrectly that landed her in the past in a different location.

*cough* or you could call it writer’s oversight and just roll with it.

her calculating the rough location of the pod isn’t as improbable as the comments make it out to be… you even stated everything that is needed to know in the comic as well… she has a rough idea of the angle and trajectory arc of the pod, and as such calculating distance traveled through an open space is entirely possible… the result may not be exact, but you don’t even have Claire saying it’s an exact location just that it “should be there”. there’s all sorts of unknowns that could come into play later that can put the pod way off her estimated location… such as learning that you were at the top of an incredibly wide plateau and the pod flew off the edge of it and landed a hundred miles further than you originally estimated

Catching up, and I just thought of something. If Sesame’s sword is now magically enchanted to be sharper what the heck is the scabbard made of to actually hold the thing?

And that world map seems strangely flat for some reason.

Lol poor kibbles xD

Btw Knowledge is power!
I too get exicted when I want to learn about something but slamming the door open and yelling in the library thats just too far lol and to make it worse she insults poor kibbles by basicly telling her to gtfo of the way.

P.s Keep up the good work Phuffs and skidd

I gotta ask now: what is with Claire and the word excelsior? Also, I love her face in the fourth panel.

Okay, so a metal pod big enough for Claire and Proto to ride in easily, and apparently thick enough for the door to do damage to Sesame’s face, was punted halfway across a continent? How is Sesame’s foot not broken in a million pieces? I can understand her being naturally very strong, but for that she’d have to have the strength of several giants and adamantium boots.

Is there a name for the writing device you used in this strip? Where
Claire, being the outsider to the world, is used to explain stuff about
the setting the reader would need to know, as opposed to addressing the audience directly through a narrator and force-feeding them walls of text? Whatever it’s called, it does the trick awesomely here!

We just figured it was a more natural way to feed exposition than the usual narrative. But thank you!

Quite welcome! I was just curious if there was a name for it. I have so many story ideas of my own, but herding the details together cohesively is like so many cats… So I’m trying to read up on techniques, and when I see something done well, I try to be as annoyi-..uh, -inquisitive- as possible.