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You’re right, is getting weirder and weirder. What is that cat up to ? Is she after Sesame or her friends?

And one more thing, in the first panel the word “escalate” it’s somehow divided in “esca” and “late”.

Huh, quite the tone change from the earlier comics…

We had always intended for UberQuest to tackle darker more mature themes from time to time, rather then purely being a light-hearted fantasy adventure. Not to say we aren’t going to go back to having fun here and there too. 🙂

is there a reccomended age group for this comic?

I may have stated this on a previous page. Our original intention was the 18-34 crowd but we have seen teens to people in their 60s reading it. Nothing insanely horrible/dark/gritty/sexual will happen in the comic, but it does handle more adult situations then some other comics you will see here on The Katbox.

Does that also mean you won’t reference anything insanely horrible, dark, or gritty? Like a horrible past event or something from the history of the world. Really you’ve already surpassed the darkest event I can think of from another KB comic.

We aren’t going for torture-porn or crazy mind-fuck psychological insanity ala a horror-comic, That’s what I meant by that statement.

Yes dark/gritty/sexual things will happen but we hope to handle seriously difficult moments for our characters carefully. It’d be cheap to outright torture a character for 5 or so pages in immense detail just to get a shock-reaction out of the audience. Sometimes having that restraint makes the impact of the shocking moment even stronger because the audience is left to piece together what they think happened.

well gang, looks like we have another mystery on our hands


yeah, like who the H-E-double toothpicks is that orange cat associated with?

Note how that kitty is laying some docent words on a guard’s willing ear.

Sesame’s ‘watchers’ are more than just watching.


Truthfully, I see so many different plots starting at this point, I have no idea which one to think about.

Let’s go with the most ridiculous…

1> Claire’s little teleport experiment caused massive disruption on an interstellar scale and sent her FORWARD in time 700+ years.
2> She finally finds a way to return to her own time and ‘home’, but is aware she can’t stop the devestation her experiment started.
3> She visits this planet right after the damage is done and arranges a secret ‘help’ society to repair the damage
4> She leaves messages with that society so ‘things’ will go ‘right’ when she arrives in the future.
5> That is why the orange kitty is there. She will be working to ‘fix’ this problem which her society knew would occur 700+ years.

The Guild master for that society is also the FOUNDING guild master (700+ years ago) and he still tends to call everyone (male, female, and indeterminate) “sir”