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could it be that Kibbles was somehow set up? by whom and why, I have no idea. only way ti find out is to see how the story unfolds as the comic progresses (which it has been doing beautifully, if you don’t mind me saying so). also, WOOT!!!! first to comment!!!!

I got that feeling too….for some reason someone has framed Kibbles…but why…She’s adorable.


(whispering) Hail Hydra.

Wait a minute! Let me do the math real quick. …carried to 3… take in mind the size oh her boobs… MY GOD, IT ALL ADDS UP! Kylar being sent to find a missing person of nobility, the accident, there being a secret organisation looking after her, the fact she’s going to royal court, the fact that she doesn’t talk about her past, and the necklace.
Here’s the theory: Kibbles is foreign royalty that ran away from home to become a mage. She went so far as to cross borders and come to Alder. The people that are always shadowing her are probably spies, agents from Sarawyn, who’s mission is to return her home. The incident was their fault, somehow.
At least that’s how I see it…

hmmm, very compelling theory.

And, while we’re at it, would it be wrong to assume that “Gene” was responsible for the whole incident? I mean, creating explosive spell that burns the two other guys and substitutes himself with a pile of ash. Then he comes pretending to be his own twin brother after revenge. And all of that just to make Kibbles look bad. And make her thing she’s bad. AND make her reconsider her dream of being a mage.

…….wait, who’s Gene? oh wait….ohhhhhhhh, that Gene. for some reason I was at first thinking of Gene from Bob’s Burgers…..then again……..gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp!!!!! could be that Valmont was introduced before the Halloween special?….think about it….the black cat (or ferret)…bright eyes…Valmont?

Not really seeing the resemblance there. But the possibility of a necromancer knowing shapeshifting spells… It’s a plausible theory. And I’m guessing that his two “friends” are ether his goons (also probably shapeshifted) or some adventurers. Seriously, those guys would do pretty much anything for a pair of new pants, some silver and experience.

I don’t know, I think the story would be more believable & her character more relatable if it turned out that she’d made a mistake rather than being framed. Not to mention, it would seem lazy to me if she were simply absolved of her guilt because of shady happenings.

Oh-ho. The plot thickens , I smell a conspiracy.

smell the plot I do, kill them all I will

do or do not, there is no try.

what’s done is done. you can’t live in the past 4ever. you may have made mistakes that you didn’t want to happen, but you have friends who are gonna help you out in this troubling time. so raise up you head girl, and remember, “when the word love falls down, pick it up and hold it even higher”.

Hmm… that could be true, someone had somehow sabotaged a healing spell, and turned it into klutzy fire spell.
I sense a magical conspiracy, involving pumpkins and watermelons, and Mason getting scared out of his pants.
Dante might be a part of it.
Who knows.

*places warning sign: “Watch out for Pumpkinheads and Watermelonheads”*

How dare some fiend frame Kibbles. May that cretin be found and be turned into a pile of ash.

ahhh… the scenario I mentioned last page seems more likely. I said her sub-conscience felt Kibbles was under attack and used a fire aura to protect her.
1>Now we found out Kibbles had been man-handled (dog-handled?) to meet the three cats when we were looking at Sesame during that scene.
2>Kibbles had been surrounded and accosted (which we DID see).
3>She DID try to cast a healing spell for a bunch of guys who obviously didn’t need healing and got the fire aura, instead.
4>That fire aura was much more powerful than anything she had cast before (not truly surprising, since one cat was ash). But we saw later (during the fight with the doople-wyrm) her fire spells aren’t very powerful and she not very competent or confident in their use.

Point #4 brings up another possibility, though. It is possible Kibbles DID cast a healing spell, but somebody else cast the fire spell and wasn’t seen. How long has the secret society been following her and did their agent cast that fire spell?

Poor Kibbles! Great page as ever-I’m really enjoying this comic. Maybe change ‘went’ to gone’ in panel 4? ‘I’ve gone through this scenario a thousand times in my head’-would be more correct, though this may just be the way she speaks, in which case don’t worry about it XD Keep up the great work!

……………………………………………………………… well fuck. Kibbles just use your fire spell to heal and your heal spell to attack

in the battle with the dopple-wyrm, Kibbles correctly used a fire spell. That spell was much weaker that the one ‘accidentally’ used to ‘defend herself’ in the tavern.

Something is not adding up here. Sure the dopple-wyrm was tougher than the three cats, but the spell Kibbles WILLINGLY threw at it was weaker and she had little confidence in it.

even further back, battling the Slime King, her ice attack, while effective against something made of mostly water, probably wouldn’t severely damage anyone more solid. At worst, might give ’em a case of the shivers. However, she did seem more confident with her cold spell. Then again, she was only giving the slime more solidness so Sesame could damage it with her sword. Destruction doesn’t seem to be her forte. That’s Sesame’s profession. Still find the fact back at the tavern, the guy is seeking a healer and yet they go all droll over a mage. Mage, stereo-typically, lack a strong healing group until higher up in strength. That tavern had the feel of a D & D Rookie area. He really should have sought out a cleric.