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Slowly building this Mason x Kibbles ship, eh?

Agreed X3

Second it <3
I also love Kibs new Outfit. this red dress and these pink/reddish stockings suits her very well <3

I wonder if this officially makes her a “Red Mage” now, considering that a red mage knows both healing and offensive magic

Maybe you’re right, now that Sesame doesn’t have her sword somebody will have to protect the group, and we know that Claire doesn’t fight very well. So it would be logical to see her being more offensive in battles. So the new outfit could be a reference to the change of her role, from support to main fighter. Well it’s what I think…

Finally caught up your comic! Awesome comic and loving the references. You guys are fantastic!
Are you guys psychologist? Cause these guys are well created. Like Mason. He resembles most of my personality(cuz my mom). So he probably thinks alot. If so, are we gonna dig his mind sometimes?

interesting change of wardrobe…..furthermore, Staggles may be born with a lot of strength when they hatch, but I know of a particular dog breed of the Caucasus mountain range in the former Soviet nation of Georgia that is know to be aggressive in behavior from the day they are born, yet they will be very gentle and docile towards their masters and their families. Despite this, they can be trained to be non-agressive towards other people and dogs, not unlike staggles. This dog breed is known as the Caucasian Shepard, or Nagazi. Fully grown, they can be around seven feet tall standing on their hind legs. They have often been used as guard dogs, especially in Russian Gulags, and are powerful enough to kill bears. Basically it’s the most aggressive, badass dog breed known man, right up there with the Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman, and the dreaded Chihuahua

Ah yes I’ve heard of this breed. They are indeed a very powerful breed of dog. Though if watching Dog Whisperer has taught me anything, any dog breed can be aggressive — though dogs by nature want peaceful harmonious lives. Some are bred to be more territorial or prey-driven, but it’s usually up to the owners wither or not they are balanced.

I’ve heard of that breed. A friend of mine and his father visited Russia 20 years ago, the family they had dinner with had one. It was very protective of the family especially the grandchild. It stared at them and kept a constant soft growl warning them not to harm any of the family.

Two things: First: I love the Kiblle´s new look, you´re really awesome creating characters and outfit guys. Second: what happenned with askubercast, it´s been a while since last time that you responded something?
One more thing, I want to thank you all for creating this amazing comic is pretty awesome, and you deserve all the good things that could happen to all of you, you just deserve all of them just for being the amazing artists that you´re, so thank you, and Merry Christmas!

This month has been particularly difficult for us and we haven’t had much of a chance to update the Ask Blog, however we will try our best to get a couple done really soon!

let me guess…Christmas shopping?

How did you know? (By the way you always write the best comments, I declare myself yout #1 fan, keep doing them! (… Ok. I think that I got too emonotional today))

SesamexMason or SesamexFerron. I think i prefer Masame, but that leaves no one for Kibbs yet.

don’t tell me they’re gonna throw in some sort of love triangle…..although if it’s done well, I won’t mind…’s just kind of hard to accept some of them after the one shown to us in the horror that was the Twilight Saga……which is practically a non-scary, overly glamorized, unintelligent, high school girl fan-fiction version of the Underworld series.

I apologize for not talking about the wardrobe changes, I thought it normal since I don’t have the same clothes every day every day. However, it makes me wonder, upon reflection, where they got their new clothes since they traveled at least two days in the same outfits….. Makes me wonder….

Also, did Mason enchant Sesame’s sword with Staggle poop?