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Sesame is such a different color than her sister and father. How Purple was her mother?!

Ultra Purple =p

Or, maybe you could say she’s ULTRA VIOLET? *bad puns for days*

(cocks AK-47s) say that again boy….. I dare ya…..I’d hit the deck if I were you

Everyone is saying Soya is giving good advice…..I don’t see that. At all. I think maybe she does love Sesame, maybe, but no, not good advice. “Not everyone is cracked up to be a Hero”? Wow. That is some “don’t worry your little head, go to the kitchen and shut up like a good little girl” shit there. I think she probably does blame Sesame for their mother’s death (Which is the assumed issue here since it has never been explicitly said) at least in part. “You’re young and still have not found your place in the world” is bullshit too. How young was Soya when their father began training her? I’m sure he began her training when she could hold a sword. And how much older is she then Sesame anyways? She’s being hella patronizing.

Am I the only one seeing this?

I had had this thought, I think there has to be more to why they are coddling her like this. Though it hasn’t been outright said, it is being implied that Sesame’s mother died giving birth to her. I don’t buy that until they explicitly say that. I think they are doing this out of fear, because she got something from her mother, perhaps not quite the same power, but similar activation method? They are afraid to encourage it I believe because something similar may happen if Sesame were to lose control?

Of course I may have it all wrong but even if I’m close then their reasoning is still faulty, kids can take the truth, hiding things from them rarely gets a good result.

Actually the advice seemed a little sensible given that Sesame still has that young mindset that kids (and teenagers) still attain and literally still has emotional issues (Lol). Soya on the other hand might’ve actually realized the reality things when Sesame was born and tries to keep that under the blanket until she was at the right age to know.

Similar to what her father had implied from the previous page, Sesame’s just a kid and it isn’t time yet, if she knew about her mysterious powers and that the death of her mother dying to a disease while giving birth to her was just a crazy alien-derived hoax then who knows what kind of daughter vs sister vs father duel and gritty vengeance story line might escalate from it? Hell if someone altered this page and pretty much made it so that Soya told the truth, shit would hit the fan quicker than sewer gator eating trees. (Which it doesn’t.)

Yeah. Sure, but her dad was training her (Soya) in the sword when she was very young, I’m sure. In fact, you are supposed to start training young. So they are only making things worse for Sesame by coddling/neglecting her.

What an absolutely beautiful family they are, Soya is one hot looking lady, Sesame is an adorable looking kitten, her farther is a handsome looking male, would love to see what their mother looked like, and Soya is also good hearted to care enough to advise her little sister. Will we find out exactly what happened to their mom? Damn, this keeps getting better all the time.

That light color band in both Sesame’s & Soya’s hair, is that natural or is it hair coloring? looks great either way.

The more I think about it, the less sense it makes that Sesame did commit that massacre. She’s on a quest to help her people, she’s worried about them and she doesn’t strike me as someone who regrets recently doing something terrible. So it could only be someone who is related/looks like her. My first guess would be her sister, but she doesn’t match (note: that scarf Sesame wears- a clan symbol or something?). It’s only an assumption, but her mom seems like the best candidate. Regardless of who, there is the why of it all. Why do that? The artifact of power that went missing after it all seems like a good motive. And didn’t madame Rosalyn say something about there being an auction in Wreston for an ancient artifact that’s worth a fortune? And that letter Sesame got a while back said that she’ll find who she’s looking for on the way to Northon… This could be interesting…

We know that Sesame is self-conscious about her appearance, but is Soya the source of this mindset? (given the fact that she’s totally gorgeous and has a sexy body, where as Sesame ended up with a much smaller build.) Now I’m not saying that Sesame isn’t beautiful,(quite the opposite) I’m just making an observation.

Well kind of. Soya was quite popular with guys in her village (I mean they fancied her, not the town bicycle thing.) So Sesame did feel a bit inferior in that aspect, couple that with some bullying growing up and being a tomboy, you get this result. Although, her worrying about her femininity/looks is only a very small aspect of her character.

Soya is sure shapely compared to Sesame… and what’s about the condiment names?

It’s a slight theme from some years ago when I created the characters. They are really the only two with truly food-ish related names. Even though we have Kibbles its just a nickname.. her real name is Kibella

I’m sure her family means well, but I can’t help but feel their decisions here are a major cause of her control issues. Instead of completely holding her back like this, they should be asking her to use her strength more often, in controlled, relatively safe, settings so that she can know her limits, as well as the dangers and benefits of the gift she has.

Of course, they might do that just a little further down the line, they only right then handled the situation. I just hate to see potential wasted, and have a firm belief that there is no such thing as an evil power.