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Make love not war!

no! don’t make love! it makes childrens, it screams, it stinks…
make pancakes! pancakes are good!

Love your picture!

it’s from the webcomics “twokinds” :
love your picture too ^^

Oh, yeah, we all saw it coming ^^
Loving the comic so far! can’t wait for more πŸ˜‰
Would be interesting to see an alternate version to this page…maybe πŸ˜‰

*pulls out a huge bag and jumps in to try dig something out while weapons, items from rpg games came flying out* come on where did i put those artic ice bombs i recall putting it near the buster sword in this bag this will take a while

Actually didn’t see this coming…. Still wasn’t sure this would be that adulty, but meh. Tentacle rape is an effective method and would work on other characters I suppose…..

Well yeah of course she doesn’t accept. He’s a slime, he dosn’t have actual tenticlas. If it was a monster with real tenticlas… Well lets just leave that up to your imagination.

but he just wants to pet the pretty kitty

Good point. But I think the hearts say ‘I’m in love.’ Be being pet by a slime is, well, slimy. Same goes with making out. And other things. Yeah.

And ‘dok dok’ is obviously slime for
‘oh! Thou hast taken my heart. Come oh strong warrior woman. Come and become my queen. And I shall place upon your head a great slimy crown of slimy jewels. And I shall make you a slimy throne to sit and rule my slimy kingdom by my slimy side.’

*pulls out a bag jumps in the bag digging up stuff such as weapons, potions etc* where did i put the freeze bomb i knew i had it some where

*pulled out cloud’s buster sword* heh i wondered where i put that gift i got from cloud now best try find the freeze bomb *continues digging in the bag*

man i found my fire bombs, bolt bombs, fire arrows bolt arrows, flamethrower from the shooter mmorpg and tons of other element weapons but no ice type weapons, ice arrows or freeze bombs?!?! i know i got a fresh batch of freeze bombs somewhere *digs deeper in the bag*