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UberQuest Volume II: Call of the Relic KICKSTARTER!

UberQuest Volume II: Call of the Relic KICKSTARTER! published on 58 Comments on UberQuest Volume II: Call of the Relic KICKSTARTER!

Yep, we’re holding our 2nd ever Kickstarter! Not only are there tons of reward tiers for every budget, we have loads of add-on merchandise and amazing stretch-goals! We also made a very nifty video JUST for this Kickstarter – so please go check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

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Wow glad she Dodge him, I don’t think Boris will forgive himself if something happens to Caroline.

I just loved the way she is so apprehensive about interacting with the other people on board. It’s like she is thinking “Either find some food for him and possibly have to talk to someone, or stay here and possibly be mauled by my deranged, blood thirsty father. DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!”

If the ship has a random passenger that’s not part of the main cast listed above the comic, and he (or she) is wearing a red shirt, well, I think we know how things will go.

As it is, I think that Caroline is just going to raid someone else’ fridge and annoy them. A lot.

happy to see her as one of the current main characters instead of just being a side character everyone just forgot of, now lets see if she escapes him when she realizes there is no food on the ship and probably will have to resort to something extreme to keep him Content

People were half right about boris eating caroline, he [i] attempted [/i] to eat her. I have a feeling and hope that in this story caroline is in it for the long run as a main character because she seemed like an interesting enough character when she was first shown as a flashback for boris and and called as ‘Dr. Dissect-’em’ in fungus farm. I look forward to further character development on her part

glad to see caroline isn’t alpha-draconian chow. now she needs to get some food for that starving creature that almost made her into a furry happy meal and restock the medical bay’s food supply so nothing like this happens again.

I love Caroline, she has the best social views ever. *giggles* Spend more time with the monster and avoid normal people. And her response to just the idea of simply interacting with people is simply.. I love it! I find her as just one of those characters that you have to love. (But then I do have a bit in common with her so that’s to be expected)

No need to thank us Aven. We only did did what was right! We’re glad to know you’re doing great!
Side note: how short are Bens attention spans?

I have to say shorter than mine when my adhd meds wear off and is 44 had it all my life but Ben seems to be like me when I was like 11 years old

So basically you moved from one girl to another in a blink of an Eye ?(Pun is intentional!)

Oh no when I was with a girl they had my attention adhd is not like that I just couldnt do the same thing over and over with them my girlfriends never stayed with me for to long due they didn’t like trying new things, when I was younger my adhd was way worse picture taz running around in toy store looking at all the toys and then trying to get pulled in all directions because your attention was on the toys that is what it is tied to your emotions but when your get excited its boosted due to hyper active adrenaline rush that’s how it works for me every case is different

Celebration year sounds like it’s going to be a BLAST!!! Here’s to another 10 years my good sir!
Wait a minute…is that a Curran Bear Plushie!?
Also, it’s really nice to see Ben and Mayte spend some time together. If it weren’t for the first two panels, I swear Ben was trying to put the moves on her. XD