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Decency level: low

Claire- Why heloooo, Mrs Clause
Sesame- <3 butt <3 butt <3 butt
Kibbles- Adorable as ever
Mason- Guess it isn't Rudolf's nose that glows red…
Kylar- *drools* ; I'm sorry. What was I talking about again?
Farron- Both attractive and offensive.

EDIT: For some weird reason, I want to see more Farron.
Who knows. If he keeps showing the same levels of niceness and giveaf***ness like he did with that Dahaki girl, maybe, just maybe, the SesamexFarron ship could sale.

Somehow I agree with all those, and for the Kylar one, I am straight yet for some odd reason I am aroused by him in this, why???

Kylar is my personal fav in this piece, at least the sexiest. As far as making you question your own sexuality, we are not liable for anything!

To keep with the Christmas tradition….

What a delightful gift idea
Magical shorts that disappear
Buy your loved one this Noël
The kind of gift he can’t resell
Because it kind of smells
If someone else has tried it on

You could be dancing cheek to cheek
Wiggle the string: play hide and seek
Buy your workmate or your boss
The proctologic dental floss
That really works a hair across
His astronomic bum

Well… I’m not sure how I never noticed the antlers in the previous pages… but I just now realized Mason is a deer…

Also, it seems Sesame’s tail is being pleasantly naughty…

Really? Mason is an elk — their ‘species’ are on the ‘Cast’ page on the top of this page.
Though technically being Fera — they are all the same ‘species’ their difference in looks is merely aesthetic and kind of a racial thing.