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Oh there they are. Art is Helpless to stop Lina when she can’t get her cigarettes. Just look at his face as Lina chasrs after AnMa. Also, AnMA seems as helpful as the AlphaCore from Portal 2. Who knows? This whole facility with its testing, AIs, and Jills situation could be like Portal 2. Also, this is a first to see Lina act and talk like this. Hope the four aren’t roommates but at the same time, I hope they are. The clock is ticking and the group doesn’t have long until they are given the same treatment as Milo. Hope he made it out. Anyone remembers how long he was here before “releasing” him? However long he was at Vortex, that’s how much Jill and company have to escape or else. Though, something tells me that escape isn’t on Jills mind. Or an option for her that she wants.

Wait a minute…
Closed quarters + tobacco user – tobacco X rage urge = death by crazed cigarette user.
Kidding aside thought, I have to say that I got a kick out of this page, especially with Alex acting all cat like in Panel Four with the whole lifting the arms up like that. I also suspect that Jill is going to snap as Pete isn’t here.
Also, I just noticed…what happened to Art’s tail? Did he get into a worker’s accident.

Another dubious design choice; when confronted with an addict EmMA has no responses to settle withdrawal symptoms. Unless the water is laced with low-level sedatives, which it certainly could be.

Admittedly, nicotine detox is fairly low-risk, it’s not like the pure torture of opioid withdrawal, so perhaps they just don’t care. But it still creates a troublesome dynamic when your slaves are expected to perform “customer-facing” duties.

More ambiguously, we’ve just seen proof that the humans have advanced VI capable of language processing. The kind of VI capable of doing, well, everything that the slaves are currently expected to do at a fraction of the cost. One has to wonder, if your abductees don’t *need* to work, why are you forcing them to work anyway?

Needless cruelty to satiate a psychological hunger? Insane social constructs by a society that lost the ability to change or even think for itself? Simply a distraction while you test, study, and prepare for the inexorable conquest/genocide program? Many possible answers, none of them good.

There’s a couple I don’t know. Can someone please make a list? :3

Farron is Beetlejuice (with his mimic as a Sandworm)
Sesame is Chun-Li from Street Fighter
Claire and Mason are Dr. Frankenstein and his/her Monster
The bat-person is someone from Stephen Universe (don’t watch the show, so can’t name names)
The cowboy and the archer are McCree and Hanzo from Overwatch.
No idea on Kibbles, Proto, or the dragon-girl.